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Security Staff Turnover

The rate of turnover in the contract security industry is incredible, with yearly turnover rates averaging around 150% at numerous customer sites. High turnover results in increased costs for recruitment and training on an ongoing basis, and increases administrative expenses for both the client and the contracted security company.

All the more vitally, high rates of turnover reduces the general viability of the agreement with the security company. It can take two/three months or more for security officers to end up completely capable at their obligations, and having steady officer turnover implies that there is a strong possibility that a few or all officers onsite might be new and inexperienced. A new officer has less capacity to distinguish surprising action as a result of their newness to the site, and are less equipped to use sound judgment about what to do or not do.

Always having new and inexperienced security officers onsite strengthens the contrary perception that numerous individuals have of security officers and can keeps representatives of the company from considering them important.

Numerous customers feel that diminishing security officer turnover is totally the obligation of the contracted security organization. While the contracted security organization absolutely has an essential part to play, they can’t do it all. Actually, a large number of the means important to enhance security officer maintenance must be provided by the customer /organization. Only by cooperating can the customer and the contracted security organisation understand the turnover issue.

The rate of pay that security officers get in a few sections of the nation is ludicrously low, with a few officers being paid at the lowest pay permitted by law or only marginally above. In numerous areas, security officers are paid less than some other class of laborer, including hospitality and janitorial representatives.

While enhancing the rate of officer pay is one essential calculation that may diminish turnover, it is in no way, shape or form the main component. Security officers who are disappointed with their employments frequently say that different issues are as imperative to them, or much more critical to them, than the rate of pay that they get. While inspecting these issues, most rotate around the conditions under which the security officer must work.

A portion of the issues of significance to security officers include:

Being treated with respect by other employees at the site where they are assigned to work.

Receiving clear instructions about what they are supposed to be doing.

Having a professional work environment.

Being supported by management when they enforce an established policy or procedure.

Doing work that they feel is important and valued.

Receiving acknowledgment when they are doing a good job.

Having a realistic schedule that allows them to get enough rest between shifts and gives them enough hours of pay to live on.

Feeling that they are being listened to.


As should be clearly obvious, numerous things of significance to the security officer rotate around they way that they are dealt with instead of what they are paid. A large number of the progressions that can enormously enhance working conditions for officers base on enhancing they way that they are overseen, and can be executed at little or no extra cost.

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