FPCollab: Intelligence Sharing for Risk, Security and Business Leaders

Information sharing in security and intelligence, as we all know, is critical to ensuring the success of defenders of both public and private organizations. This concept has become even more evident in the last twelve months following our expansion into Business Risk Intelligence (BRI). While traditional applications of cyber threat intelligence are largely tactical, indicator-centric, and designed specifically for cybersecurity teams, BRI’s strategic nature and focus on finished intelligence aims to help all business units mitigate widespread risk across a wide range of use cases.

But since addressing many of these use cases — from fraud and ransomware to supply chain vulnerabilities and insider threats — can be complex, challenging, and even unprecedented for many organizations, we knew we had to ensure that our customers and subject matter experts alike had timely, trusted, secure access to the latest information and leading expertise pertaining to such threats.

At first, we considered having our customers and team members join one of the intelligence community’s many existing information-sharing groups. But the more research we did, the more apparent it become that no existing group aligned well enough with BRI’s strategic, risk-centric focus and the broad spectrum of use cases our customers sought to address. So instead of joining a group that wasn’t the best fit for our (and our customers’) needs, we joined forces with our customers and our subject matter experts and created one of our own. Fittingly, it’s called Flashpoint | Collaboration — better known as FPCollab.

Over the last year, FPCollab has grown to support a trusted network of professionals by providing timely insights and intelligence to facilitate more effective decisions around risk. Consisting exclusively of Flashpoint customers and team members, this uniquely diverse and collaborative community comprises the following:

• Experts from leading organizations in 18 industries across the public and private sectors

•Native or fluent speakers of Arabic, Mandarin, Farsi, Turkish, Kazakh, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Italian, and Portuguese

• Threat intelligence pioneers who have built and led top global intelligence teams

Cyber and physical security experts with skills honed during careers in the U.S. military and public-sector intelligence agencies 

• Leaders representing business units including cybersecurity, physical security, executive protection, fraud, M&A, supply chain, insider threat, anti-money laundering, counterterrorism, vendor risk management, human resources, engineering, compliance, and public policy

• Subject matter experts with comprehensive visibility into the most exclusive regions of the Deep & Dark Web

We strive for FPCollab to help organizations across all industries and business units leverage our joint wisdom and intelligence to alleviate the broad spectrum of challenges and uncertainties contributing to their overall risk. And given the continual growth and enthusiastic participation of FPCollab’s esteemed pool of members — not to mention the countless complex challenges these members have helped one another address — I couldn’t be prouder of the community we’ve all created.

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