Mission Statement

The objective of our organization is to provide the best professionally managed security service, in the industry through our commitment from providing diligent staff, to clients who are serious about their long-term asset protection needs.

We are further committed to improving the quality of life of all employees through impartial employment, equal opportunity, continuing education and the provision of a safe working environment.

We will ensure an innovative, bespoke and personalized approach to our client requirements. We will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors.

In the attainment of the above, we aim to achieve an acceptable return on investment, thus enabling growth and maintaining stability.

All our Security management pride ourselves in maintaining high standards from our employees, to enable us to maintain high standards of service to our clients.


Paul Richards is the director and CEO of GENTU CONSULTANCY LTD.  Entering into his 25th year in security and 5th year operating a security business, GENTU is a full service security and transportation company, specialising in Executive and VIP Protection and travel.

Over his career span to date, Paul’s celebrity clients have included Prince Harry, Amy Winehouse, king George of Tonga, Novak djokovic, Chris Brown, Neo, rap star 50 Cent, The prime minister of Jamaica and various WWF talent With tours that frequently took him across the globe, Mr. Richards acted as a personal bodyguard to all those artists providing close protection and security consultation and staffing worldwide.

Paul has received advanced bodyguard and executive protection training from prestigious associations such as Odin security training, Wilplan training, and firearms training, by the American Small Arms Academy and Elite Protective Services.

Mr. Richards is also the founder of The national Venue association program that provides free security services to Clubs/Wine bars and concert venues, as well as providing security at cost to organisation that provide help to victims of domestic abuse and the shelters that support them.

On the humanitarian side, Paul has partnered with leading property portal Houser in supplying computers, books and writing equipment to schools in Gambia.

While Mr. Richards seems to be climbing the security social ladder he’s still remains humble and see’s himself as hands on and even his business cards still says Ops manager. Mr. Richards is a seasoned expert in dealing with topics related to Executive Protection and the security Industry.  

Mr. Richards vast experience contributes to the security industry which includes applying licensed and trained security talent with the main focus being on professionalism and customer service, to an industry that is increasingly under the magnifying glass since the events of the 7/7 bombings, and coping with currently increasing issues domestically and internationally.

TARIQ AHMAD LODHI’S PROFILE :Senior Consultant for Security, Intelligence and Counter-Terrorism

Wg. Cdr. (Retd) Tariq Lodhi is a former senior Civil Servant, who has Forty years meritorious multi-level experience in Security,Intelligence,and Counter-Terrorism. He has the privilege of training the core Airport Security Force (ASF) in Pakistan, at its inception stage in 1976. Qualified in Aviation Security, he has served as Instructor in Pakistan Air Force (PAF) School of Intelligence, commanded elite Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) unit at the capital, and headed the Intelligence Bureau (IB) at Sindh. He produced intelligence, that disrupted wave of terrorism in Karachi during 1994-95, later led the Intelligence Bureau itself as its Director General in 2008. As a Political Risk Analyst, and expert in Security & CT, served head of Committee for Research & Analysis, providing political risk assessments to the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1995-96. As CT specialist, was assigned as head of Punjab Police Special Branch as Deputy Inspector General (DIG) to successfully neutralize the wave of bombings in the province.

He has served at Pakistan High Commission, London, as DG NADRA, heading the Interior Ministry's National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) and ensured Security of Data and Streamlined capturing of Personal Data for issue of National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOPs) and other Secure Identity Documents, to 2 million Expats in UK and Europe.He has also served in Germany in diplomatic capacity. Besides, he has served as Additional Secretary, Ministry of Interior and Director General, National Crisis Management Cell.

In his various positions, he has led delegations, Strategic Dialogue teams, headed Task Forces, Committees, Joint Working Groups at National level on counter terrorism topics and conducted National Crisis Management. He has the distinction of developing, coordinating and executing numerous counter-terrorism operations in various capacities.Mr. Lodhi also evolved mechanisms and coordination patterns for tracing Missing / Hostage persons, by using coordinated HUMINT and TECHINT assets. Has been overseeing and coordinating systematic Search and Rescue operations including post Terrorist Incident of 22 June 2013 at Nanga Parbat.

Analysand and generated reports, briefs and presentations, developed Terrorist and other Threat Assessments and briefed Senate and National Assembly's Standing Committees, State level delegations and senior government hierarchy.

Organized and Conducted Security Surveys / Security Audits of Vulnerable Points (VP) and Sensitive Installations, Developed Plans and SOPs for Security for VPs and other mega Events, VVIPs and Foreigners in Pakistan.On behalf of Ministry of Interior, interacted at national level, with Law Enforcement and private security companies,to develop and enforce security solutions for Government, Commercial and Business concerns.

Developed strategy and concept of Integrated Border Management System (IBMS) in Ministry of Interior for an integrated approach, with all domestic and international stake holders, actively coordinated C-IED Programs with PAKMIL, ISAF and JIEDDO in their C-IED Programs.

On behalf of RSL Traders Limited, he now also sits in the board and provides his expertise to GENTU Consulting Limited, as a Senior Member in the Advisory Council.